Ukrainian National Anthem

I thought it was high time for me to listen to the Ukrainian National Anthem, also known as the “Hymn to Ukraine.” Music was written in 1863 by a western Ukrainian Catholic priest, Mykhailo Verbytsky. The lyrics are from a 1862 patriotic poem (Shche Ne Vmerla Ookrayeena) by Pavlo Chubynsky, a Kyiv ethnographer. After various debates over the poem’s words, agreement was reached in 2003 and the Ukrainian National Anthem stands as follows:

Translation (by (C) 2003 by Ihor W. Slabicky):
Ukraine’s glory hasn’t perished, nor her freedom
Upon us, fellow compatriots, fate shall smile once more.
Our enemies will vanish, like dew in the morning sun,
And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own.
We’ll lay down our souls and bodies to attain our freedom,
And we’ll show that we, brothers, are of he Kozak nation.
Kind of beautiful, isn’t it?
(Thanks to for the anthem info.)

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