19 days until departure…and so much to do before then: make copies of important documents; call/see friends; finish backing up the photos/music/files on my computer; run a half-marathon; and PACK! That’s right — all the shopping I’ve done over the past month now has to fit into two suitcases (no more than 107 linear inches combined), my backpack and a (generously-sized) purse. Oh, and it all has to be about 80 pounds or less (technically it can be 100 lbs., but current volunteers tell me the PC gives us another 20 lbs. of stuff when we get there).  Whaaat?  They tell us not to over-pack, but that’s hard not to do when one is leaving the country for 27 months… Clothes, toiletries, technology, gifts, books… I tried to copy/paste my packing list, but Blogger doesn’t like the formatting. I’m sure I’m over-packing, but I guess I’ll find out when I try to put everything in suitcases and weigh them.

5 thoughts on “Packing!

  1. Jing

    Wait, WHAT is this about the extra 20 lbs of stuff that the PC gives us when we get there? Where did you read that? What is that stuff, books and heavy rocks? Oh dear… well I guess once I'm over there it won't matter much because I think the 100 lb limit is more for the airlines. I'll probably have to just consolidate my stuff more when we move from training to our sites.

  2. Tammela

    Yeah, I guess the PC gives us a fire extinguisher, space heater, med kit and some other stuff before we move to our site. But yes, I think the 100 lbs. is more for the airlines.

  3. Jing

    Oh wow… stuffing a fire extinguisher and space heater into my luggage will be exciting, to say the least. Thank goodness that I'm an Industrial Engineer so I will compulsively pack and re-pack until the space in my bags has been completely optimized 🙂

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