"’The time has come,’ / The Walrus said…"

to pack up many things! Things for the next 27 months — not ships or sealing-wax or kings, and I will get plenty of cabbage at my destination, but definitely shoes. (Full text of Lewis Carroll’s “The Walrus and The Carpenter.”)

When I started trying to put things in suitcases: DISASTER. I thought weight would be the issue, but it’s actually space — I want to bring too many things! So I acquired two vacuum-pack bags from my dad and took out some clothes for my parents to send once I get to my site at the end of December.

I leave on Friday. Unbelievable. I just ran my first half marathon, and now that that’s done, the next thing on the list is the Peace Corps! The scariest thing about leaving on Friday is how much I don’t know about what happens in the next three months: what language will I be learning? Who will be in my cluster? Where will I be located during training? Will I have internet access? What will my host family be like? Will I be able to exercise? Where will I end up being placed in December? And so many more.

I can think of two ways to reconcile these unknowns to my schedule- and routine-oriented brain. First, the following quotation, which I can hear Meryl Streep-as-Karen Blixen reciting in her Danish accent in the 1985 film, Out of Africa, adapted from Isak Dinesin’s memoir of the same title: “Perhaps he knew, as I did not, that the Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road.” A simple explanation, yes, but it resonates with me as I start my journey with the Peace Corps.

Second, I had coffee this morning with a former English teacher who remains a mentor, friend, and kindred spirit in the discussion of books, literature, and life. I recommended he read Dave Eggers’ novel, What is the What, and was describing the basic premise of the book. Astutely, Mr. D asked, “so, what is the what?” I explained that, in the book, the boy’s father tells a story where God offers men a choice between cattle — i.e., security and prosperity — and “the What” — variously interpretable as the unknown, the mysterious, or just plain chance. “Oh,” said Mr. D, “so you’re about to enter the What.” “Yeah, I kind of am, I guess,” I replied.

So, off I go to Ukraine and the What, not seeing too far down the road but prepared for anything. Stay in touch!

9 thoughts on “"’The time has come,’ / The Walrus said…"

  1. Marit

    it is the vastness of the unknown in your new country, culture, and language that feels breathtaking, I think. but once it has begun, I imagine each moment will flow into the next, just like the 1/2 marathon….but this "race" I would think is best run slowly!Good Luck Tamm!!I can't wait to hear the rest

  2. Josh

    been there dude. Both the packing woes but also the questions about the unknown. Id tell you that knowing the answers to a lot of those questions will only provide you with a whole new list of things in life to worry over, but i wont spoil it for you. Enjoy life, eat as much pizza as you can before you go, and strap in for the ride of your life!!!JoshPeace Corps Mongolia M20

  3. Jing

    Good luck! I am so excited! I am hoping that I can make everything fit without the vaccum pack bags, but we'll see!

  4. Nicole

    Hope packing goes well! What Is The What is my favorite Eggers book; he really captures the characters voice and sucks the reader in. Another 10 days for me – look forward to hopefully seeing you in Ukraine!!!

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