Weekend in D.C.

What, you may ask, does D.C. have to do with Ukraine? Quite a lot, as it turns out. Our Staging was here yesterday — 6 hours of meeting new people, icebreakers, group activities, and more. It was fun, informative and my fellow 80 PC/Ukraine Group 39 Trainees are such interesting people.

But at the end of our Staging sessions, a glitch appeared: 30 of our passports were still at the Ukrainian Embassy! That meant 30 of us — including me — could not fly to Ukraine today with the rest of the group. It was unsettling at first, since we’d just gotten to know our group-members over the past 6 hours. Then we realized it might be a blessing in surprise — we have a few days to breathe in beautiful Georgetown on the Peace Corps’ budget! Not too shabby, especially b/c I also have an uncle and cousins here. And I talked to my Peer Advisor, Margo, today and she said people from her group last year had to stay back a few days as well. It happens — as one of our Staging Coordinators said yesterday, we will learn fast to “embrace the ambiguity.”

So we’ve dubbed ourselves Group 39 1/2 and hopefully we’ll all be able to fly out on Monday. Meanwhile, today I went to Annapolis, MD with my uncle and tooled around the waterfront.

8 thoughts on “Weekend in D.C.

  1. Jing

    Group 39 1/2… I love it! I'm glad you got to tour the city a little bit, I've never been to DC and was wondering if we would get some time to go sightsee 🙂

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