This week we gained our “freedom” – now we’re allowed to travel from our training site without any PC staff member. For my cluster, this means we can take the bus to Chernihiv anytime we want! On Thursday we had a “field trip” that our LCF told us to take without her. Our task: go to the Базар (bazaar/market) in Chernihiv and check out food prices, pretending we’d have to shop for a week of food – a simulation of what we’ll have to do once we get to our permanent sites. So off we went! The Chernihiv bazaar is big and wonderful – it would be easy to spend a lot of гривня (UAH) there. Produce, sweets, nuts and dried fruit, tea and coffee, clothing, bags, books, kitchen-wear, toiletries… You can buy pretty much everything you need at the bazaar and never have to set foot in a grocery store – the bazaar is cheaper than the store, too. It was a fun excursion and we now feel prepared to shop successfully at our sites. 

Busy week coming up: team-teaching three English classes (11th, 8th and 7th Forms) and acquiring a different LCF for the next three weeks. More pictures below!
My link! L to R: Philip, Janira, Chris, Michelle, Andrew, me, Andrew, Kate, James, Andrew. Wonderful group.
The golden “entrance” to the fields where I run!
Here are the fields.
Lesson planning!
Excited about this awesome preposition chart.

7 thoughts on “Базар!

  1. marit

    Sunniva and I looked at your pictures, we really liked your "run" field, with the entrance into your running world, and the stories about the food, and we really, really want to taste some of it, so when you come back, can you make some for us too?

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