Lemons & things

I never thought I’d be so pumped to see/smell/eat a fresh lemon, but boy was I when I saw my host mom cutting one for dinner on Thursday evening. I think I consumed half of that lemon, plain and sour and delicious, during the meal. That plus homemade apple-cherry compote = vitamin C powerhouse to pick me up when it gets dark so early!

Also, while we’re on the topic of food – as often seems to happen when I write these posts – I am now convinced that Ukrainians grate anything they can. What’s so weird to grate, you may ask? Carrots, cheese, okay. But on Friday evening, I helped Anya (my host mom) make an interesting and delicious dish: first she had me grate some soft cheese (kind of like cream cheese). Okay, normal. But then she handed me a hunk of frozen butter and pointed to the grater. “Whaaaat?” my brain said. But, like many experiences I’ve had here, all I could do was smile to myself and grate the butter. Next comes crushed garlic, and then the grater was back in action as Anya had me grate three hard-boiled eggs. Mix it all together, and you have a delicious spread for бутерброт (“booterbrot”, aka sandwich).

Grating so many foods actually saves knife usage and time. I may do it myself once I get to my site.


3 thoughts on “Lemons & things

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