Community Event


Each cluster during PST has to design and implement a community project/event. Why? Because we will most likely be doing secondary projects like this at our sites, so it’s good practice to write a proposal and budget/grant for an event.
We put on the main event of our community project this week: a Fall Festival, the goal of which was to raise money to purchase home-reading books for the school’s 5th Form. Our festival was designed to introduce the pupils of the school to Halloween and Thanksgiving, two American fall traditions, and help them practice English while having fun at different stations (arts and crafts; “I am thankful for”; “trick-or-treat”; and musical chairs). We also sold lottery tickets for some exciting American gifts. The event went really well! I think the pupils enjoyed themselves, and we raised more money than we thought we would. Some pictures below.
My cluster with our pumpkin! From left: Kate, Andy, Andrew, Janira, me!
The five best costumes. Girl in the middle is one of my 8th-formers.
Next on the list is buying Ukrainian-English dictionaries for the school and putting on a workshop for the English teacher.
The moon glows behind clouds on the left, just above the roof.
The sky is dark at 5pm, and the sun doesn’t rise very high in the sky during the day. Beautiful crescent moon is visible before 5pm.

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