Thanksgiving in Ukraine

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday. But though we’re far away, my cluster decided to have our own Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday as we knew our families and friends would be feasting at home. The meal itself was a untraditional: Andy’s chicken curry; kasha (like cream of wheat) from Andrew’s host mom; cookies from Janira and a torte and mashed potatoes from her host mom; pizza and a torte from Kate’s host mom. We set up at our LCF’s house after language lessons and feasted! But the best part of it was taking the time to reflect on our last 10 weeks together – we went around the room and said what we’re thankful for this year (we’re all thankful for such a great PST cluster/experience and for the opportunity to be here in Ukraine) and then talked about what our families usually do on Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful bonding time, and our LCF, Natalia, said she greatly enjoyed her first Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving feast in Ukraine!
Best cluster ever. From left: Natalia (LCF), Kate, me, Janira, Andrew, Andy

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Ukraine

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