Notes on food

Yes, I know, another post about food, you’re thinking. Is this girl obsessed with eating? Well, no, but I do love to eat and cook and enjoy delicious cuisine. Like the rest of you, no doubt. And to be fair, I don’t think I’ve written about food since the fall, so I believe another set of musings is due.

On that note.

Here at my site, I am thoroughly enjoying cooking for myself. I do miss my host mom’s delicious borshch and пиришки and каша з гарбусом (delicious rice cooked in milk & baked w/ squash/egg/sugar). But it’s nice to be able to control my fat and meat intake after three months of lots of oil and red meat.

I’m still establishing my food shopping route/routine, but so far this is what I do: I buy vegetables, fruit, beans, eggs, milk, and home-cheese (домашний сир, so tasty) at the bazaar in town that bustles with shoppers every morning but Sunday. For water, oatmeal, hard cheese, chicken, bread, and other packaged products I shop at the “gastronomia” (гастрономія) and other specialty shops. It’s fun to stroll through town and go into different shops depending on what I want/need to buy. And talking to the salespeople is good Ukrainian practice.

Even though it’s winter, such vegetables as carrots, beets, onions, and cabbage are still very much available. So I’m experimenting with different ways to prepare these tasty winter vegetables. Little mandarin oranges (мандарини) are also in abundance and cheap to buy.

So life stays tasty (смачний), as it should be. I hope yours is the same. Happy holidays!



3 thoughts on “Notes on food

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