Aerobics ATTACK

One of the teachers at school told me a few weeks ago that there’s an aerobics class twice a week for just 10,00 UAH (“hryvnia”). But I didn’t know exactly where or when it met until this Wednesday, when a new woman showed up at my adult English club and invited me and gave me details. So off I went this evening to the culture house that’s a 30-second walk from my house.

My first thought upon finishing the hour-and-twenty-minute class: “What the heck WAS that?!”

This class was a combination of (what I imagine to be) ’70s or ’80s-style moves; i.e., many body positions contrary to most of the principles of alignment I’ve learned through years of sports, strength training, and yoga: bouncing in stretches, tilting the head way back and way forward, rolling back way too high on the spine (think shoulder stand but with the weight on the neck, where it’s not supposed to be), forcing flexibility with the back rounded… I tried to keep my own body in alignment but it was hard when every other move the instructor — a sturdy blond Ukrainian in hot pink leggings and clearly braless — came over to physically force–I mean correct–my body position. Ouch.

BUT, on the positive end, it was awesome to see so many (25+) Ukrainian women exercising! Props to them.

So, the dilemma: subject my body to grating misalignment once a week for the sake of community integration, or pretend I’m busy every Friday evening…?

6 thoughts on “Aerobics ATTACK

  1. Kira

    Oh man. Community integration = good but at the possible expense of your body? Hmmm. Maybe you can make it once a month? Getting exercise in another country is certainly an interesting experience. I’ve been navigating the posh leisure centres over here and all their unwritten rules when it comes to swimming etiquette. At least there are lots of people getting fit…

    Love the blog, as always.

    1. taplatt Post author

      Thanks, Kira! Love your blog, too, and can’t wait to get to London myself (hopefully sometime in 2012).
      I could do once a month — thanks for the suggestion. Bad swimming etiquette might be worse…if it’s anything like poor Ukrainian sidewalk etiquette, I sympathize.
      But regardless, it is wonderful to see people exercising. Sounds like you and Charles have done some fantastic country walks.

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