First Post-PST Host Family Visit

Arriving in Kyiv bright and early Friday morning, I had all day with no plans, so I jumped on the metro and then a bus to go see my host family from PST! I got to the village, Kolychivka, around noon and my host mom, Anya, met me at the bus stop. Arriving back at what was my home for 2.5 months last fall, many happy memories flooded back. I excitedly toured around the house and pointed out the differences to Anya – they rearranged the kitchen, got a new sink/faucet, and installed a shower curtain and mounted a showerhead in the bathroom (I took a shower before leaving, just because I could)!

Almost as soon as I walked in the door, Anya made me my favorite breakfast (even though it was noon) of hers: two eggs-in-a-basket and coffee with milk. We spent the next few hours talking, catching up as she made green borshch (no beets; early cabbage and grated hard-boiled egg make it different from red borshch) from scratch along with a couple salads (including my favorite Ukrainian salad, винегрет – she knows me well). She also made breaded/fried pork chops. But these weren’t just any pork chops, I’m talking home grown and delicious.

Home-grown pork

Serhiy, my host dad, arrived home around 5pm and we sat down to an early dinner so I could get back to Kyiv before dark. Not long after, Lindsay, their new Trainee (Group 41 arrived just over a week ago), got home from class. It was so nice to meet her – she was completely overwhelmed after just a week and peppered me with questions as I remembered being in the same position not too long ago. It was strange to be the “expert” in the conversation. She’s sweet, and I’m really glad my host family continues to take Trainees. They are wonderful people.

Other highlights:

  • Dina, the little house dog, had puppies! They are the cutest things ever!

Dina and her three adorable puppies!

  • When I asked if Anya had any homemade jam I could take back to my site, she brought up two huge jars from the cellar and insisted I take both: strawberry and apricot. I don’t think I’ll have to buy jam again in Ukraine.
  • Anya told me that of the three Trainees she’s had, I speak the best Ukrainian! Though I still have a long way to go, I was extremely flattered and pleased.

5 thoughts on “First Post-PST Host Family Visit

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  3. Keith Edgar

    Loved the “homecoming” post (I want one of those puppies – NOT! – Cloud would nip me!). It’s great your family continues to host. You’ve come a long way, baby!
    Much Love, U.K.

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