Videos galore!

Enjoy this selection of videos I’ve taken in the past month!

My school’s girls’ choir singing “Боже великий, єдиний” (“bozhe velyky, yedyny,” which means “God, the great, the only”) at the early May opening of the Vasyl Stefanyk monument at my school (which happens to be named after Stefanyk…go figure). This is also one of the songs I’ve learned while singing with the teachers’ choir:

This video was taken at Janira’s “Dance Competition Fundraiser” event at her school on 14 May. After her pupils danced, we PCVs performed. Janira and I sang Alanis Morissette’s “You Learn” while Brandon accompanied us on his guitar:

In this next video, Christina — one of my 9th-formers who is the go-to performer at school events — sings at the Methodological Cabinet’s end-of-year celebration for the region’s award winners:

Another singer is next, this time a teeny one. Viktoria is a 5th-former from Устя (“Ustya”), a village just past Janira’s village. I sing in the teacher’s choir with her music teacher. And this girl can perform! If she were American I’m pretty sure she’d be a little country-western prodigy. Judge for yourself:

And appropriately last is the Last Waltz, danced by the 11th Form and teachers/administrators at the Last Bell ceremony on 27 May:

3 thoughts on “Videos galore!

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