Summer Plans

Here’s what I’ll be up to for the next two months:

  • Working as a teacher/counselor at “Stellar English Camp” in the city of Kremenchuk (central Ukraine), where I get to spend the week with two link-mates (James and Andrew C.) I haven’t seen since December
  • Celebrating my 23rd birthday, probably twice — once with fellow Volunteers and once with Ukrainian friends
  • Attending “Ukrainian Language Refresher” camp, run by Peace Corps for Volunteers to, well, refresh our language skills! It’s in the Rivnens’ka Oblast, north of where I live (Due to business and travel logistics, I’ve decided not to attend Language Refresher this summer. I’ll do it in the winter.)
  • Working as a counselor at Camp SLAM (Strengthening Healthy Lifestyles & Minds), the Healthy Lifestyles Working Group’s first annual camp (I’m in the group and so of course signed up to play sports with kids for a week) in Kostiantynivka in the Donets’ka oblast (eastern Ukraine)
  • Meeting with my English and running clubs when I am in my town
  • Meeting my family (and Belgian “aunt” Colette!) in Berlin after not seeing them in almost a year
  • Potentially training for the September 18th Kyiv Marathon

Detailed blog posts to come about these and other things as they happen…

What are you doing this summer?

5 thoughts on “Summer Plans

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