Kremenchuk Stellar English School

Last week I worked at my first summer camp in Ukraine. This camp, known as Stellar English School, took place in Kremenchuk, Ukraine (in the southeast, on the Dniper River) at my friend/fellow PCV Andrea’s site. She teaches at a combination Lyceum for Gifted Village Youth and Teacher Training School where pupils, students and teachers speak great English. This was her camp’s inaugural year.

You may wonder why I ended up working a camp in the east when I live in the west… Well, Andrea was my link’s “Adopt a Cluster” during Training and we’ve kept in touch. I ran into her on a train a couple months ago and she mentioned she was starting a camp and encouraged me to apply. Another incentive for doing camp in Kremenchuk is that my friend and linkmate James also lives there. Luckily, I got one of the four teacher positions for PCVs. Others working the camp were Andrew (another linkmate), Matt (we’re in the Healthy Lifestyles Working Group together), and Erin (Group 40 PCV who lives in Crimea).

The camp was awesome. There were 23 pupils, ages 14-16, broken up into three teams (Blue Mermaids, Green Penguins, Red Pirates (my team)). We PCVs team-taught with Andrea’s third-year Teacher Training School students; my team-teacher was Nastia, who speaks great English and will be a fantastic teacher. Each day had a theme on which the lessons were based — journalism, music/dance, drama, environment, arts/crafts, and professions. Every day there was a physical activity — games, learning the “Thriller” dance, Olympics. We worked 12-hour days, but it was worth it. The campers spoke great English (and I hope learned some) and teaching with Andrea’s students was a great experience. Below, some pictures from the week.

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7 thoughts on “Kremenchuk Stellar English School

  1. Kate

    Sounds like you had fun! So jealous you got to hang out with Andrew and James, I haven’t seen either of them since swearing-in! (Well, Christmas for Andrew but that was forever ago too.) Can’t wait for Kolychivka 🙂

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