20ого День Незалежності України

Date: 24 August 2011. Event: Twentieth Anniversary of Ukrainian Independence. Location: All over Ukraine. Location of Recorded Event: Sniatyn, Ukraine.  Celebration Components: Town parade; embroidered shirts (вишитій сорочці) & other traditional Ukrainian dress (Hutsul [гуцульські], Cossack [козачий], etc); Ukrainian flags (українські прапори); the entire population of Sniatyn plus neighboring villages; Soviet-era rides; big concert with lots of Ukrainian song and dance by different performers (I sang in a teachers’ choir)…

I’ll let the pictures and video speak for themselves:

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And here’s an interesting set of “Twenty Little-Known Facts About Ukraine” from this week’s Kyiv Post.

In other news, I’ve had a week full of PCV visitors in my town: my friend and fellow runner Julia stopped by for a day and night on the way to her COS (Close of Service) conference, and my good friend James from training has been here all week (his first time out west). It’s been fun catching up, walking, and cooking delicious food with friends — a good way to recharge before the school year starts.


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