Teachers’ Day

Ukraine-style. What does that mean? It’s like American Teacher Appreciation Day on steroids.

Teachers’ Day in Ukraine happens on the first Sunday of October, though schools usually celebrate on the preceding Friday. It might be my new favorite holiday — it certainly rivals Women’s Day. Below, a sampling of what happens on Teachers’ Day:

Highlights of Teachers’ Day Celebrations

  • Singing with the teachers’ choir at the methodological “party” on Thursday. The town administration was there along with many teachers and methodists from all over my region, and the performance went quite well.
  • Walking into the teachers’ room for our weekly Friday meeting to find a balloon with a little poem tied onto each chair.
  • Being wished all the best — through speech and song — by some 1st-4th formers during said teachers’ meeting.
  • CAKE!
  • One of my 7A-ers giving me chocolates from the class and rattling off, “I wish you a health, a long life, and that you don’t leave Ukraine!” 🙂
  • Three of my 5A-ers running after me down the street to give me a box of chocolates as I walked home between lessons — I think they thought I was leaving for the day. So sweet.
  • Watching the 9B (that’s “V”) class’ performance — they recited wonderful words and sang a few songs for us teachers.
  • Following the above performance, champagne, chocolates, & torte in the teachers’ room…at 3pm!
  • Dinner with 25 colleagues at one of the fancier restaurants in town, “Edelweiss.” Delicious food with toasts and dancing interspersed.
  • Getting to know our new young English (and French) colleague, Yulia Viktorivna; we sat together and talked a lot about many different things. It was nice to spend more than 5 minutes between lessons chatting with her.

Follow this link to see pictures from the day.

Some videos from Teachers’ Day festivities:

This boy apparently goes to my school. I was astounded as his voice — really nice tone and vibrato…he could easily be developed into an opera singer.

Little Vika from the village, Ustya, is amazing. Here she is performing the song “Karpaty” (“Carpathians”) at the methodological celebration.

My 9B class singing a song about teachers. Don’t ask me to translate.

1st-formers singing another song about teachers.


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