Things my pupils write

“I like to have leisure with the native people.” What do you do with them? Punt them? Draw crossword puzzles on their arms?

“I think that special english very need people.” What’s “special english”? I don’t know this language.

“Also many pupils die on physical culture lessons because they are not able to do such exercises.” So if I am not able to do my homework exercises will I die also?

“When I spend lot of time alone I make friends.” How does that work?

“I know, that all alcoholic, which drink this, and after it them can’t stop, and after some years they will die.” So all people who drink are alcoholics? The last two parts are pretty true…

7 thoughts on “Things my pupils write

  1. Onionjuggler

    Skylar and I like to kick back after dinner for some grading and laughing. Ideally there would be a glass of wine involved, but, well, we’ve both tasted Chinese wine.

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