Thanksgiving in English Club

What my English clubbers (and I) are thankful for this year (click to enlarge)

Younger pupils (aka my 7th graders) & their turkeys. From L, standing: Marta, Sasha, Olha, Marta, Valya, Yulia; sitting: Nastia & Roxolana

Older pupils & their turkeys, from L: Oleh, Yulia, Vasya, Katya, Tanya

Adult English-clubbers & their turkeys, from L: Oleh, Anya, Andriy, Maria, Iryna, Denis

Happy Thanksgiving from Ukraine!

Anecdote: Iryna and Denis (two of my adults; see above) asked me in English club on Wednesday for pumpkin pie recipes. I sent one to Denis online and wrote out a hard copy for Iryna. But she beat me to it! Today, Thanksgiving Thursday, Iryna called me and said, “meet me outside your house in 3 minutes; I have a surprise for you.” Lo and behold, she had found a recipe online and made a pumpkin pie! She had brought me a piece, still warm from the oven. I couldn’t wait to try it and as soon as I had one bite I devoured the whole piece. A great surprise for Thanksgiving afternoon.


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