Christmas Wishes from Ukrainians

I was really surprised this week when almost all of my classes gave me little Christmas gifts — a stocking, pretty bulbs, cute foam snowmen — and wished me well for “my” Christmas (Ukrainians don’t celebrate XMas until 7 January). Even my school director singled me out at the teacher meeting on Friday morning and all the teachers applauded to wish me a Merry Christmas.

My 6th-formers gave me a card with the following message (original spelling & syntax intact):

Dear Ms. Tamila PlaT! 6-B Congratulate you from Chrismas Jsus God! We wish you a merry holy supper, happy holiday and good presend from Santa Clauses! In Christmas in your will many presemt in the stocking wery Beatyful Christmas tree and in your house will sung many carols! Merry Christmas! your 6B class!

They’re still learning…They also sang “Jingle Bells” to me.

But the highlight came at the beginning of the fifth lesson, my last for the day. My 10th-formers were a little late coming in and I suspected they were preparing something since I glimpsed them whispering together outside the classroom. Lo and behold, they sang me a Christmas song medley of “Last Christmas,” “Jingle Bells,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” Then they gave me a lovely gift. I was beaming ear to ear the entire time, my heart overflowing with happiness and love for these people. Video of 10A singing:

4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes from Ukrainians

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