What are колядки (kolyadky), you may ask? Why, carols! Christmas/New Year carols, to be exact. Ukrainians have many traditional New Year and Christmas carols, some really beautiful. Many sound similar, but maybe that’s because Ukrainians songs use similar harmonies. The school choir sang a few carols to us teachers this morning. I took some video clips to introduce you to Ukrainian holiday greetings and carols:


This next one, “добрий вечір тобі,” (dobryy vechir tobi = “good evening to you”), is a classic. As in I’ve heard it so many times already that I almost know all the words. But I like it.


And this one’s called “Нова радість стала” (nova radeest’ stala = “discover the joy”). Also a popular one.


Happy singing!

5 thoughts on “колядки

  1. Elena R

    It’s neat how many Christmas carols there are across the world! Also sweet of your students to do so much for the teachers!

    1. taplatt Post author

      I know, it’s so great. Students here are wonderful, too. I just read your most recent blog post and agree about traveling/exploring — I love exploring new places by just walking/wandering, maybe stopping to take a picture or sit somewhere.

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