Music School Concert (Video Update)

UPDATE 16 March: I found & uploaded more videos, so scroll down for eight extras!

Sunday afternoon, 3pm. Post-long run and pancakes. What better thing to do than go to a concert? A bunch of my pupils attend Sniatyn’s Music School, and a couple had invited me to the concert.

It was a joy to sit and listen to live music for two hours. At points throughout the concert a silly smile came to my lips; I miss watching and making music.

Most of the music was traditional Ukrainian, but there was some Grieg, Prokofiev, and Saint-Saens as well. The concert had it all: singing, violins, clarinets, ensembles, Ukrainian folk instruments… Kids here memorize all of their music. Below, a selection of short videos of many concert moments.

One of my 7th form pupils, Olha, plays the lower half of the first piano:

My 6th form pupil, Adelia, singing a Ukrainian folk song:

Here is the сопілка (sopilka) ensemble — the sopilka is a traditional Ukrainian instrument reminiscent of a recorder:

This is my talented 7th form pupil, Valya, playing beautifully on the piano. She’s also quite a good figure skater.

Here are Vika (daughter of my friend, Natalia) and Katya (one of my favorite English Clubbers) playing a violin duet:

Next up, two videos from the (seemingly more advanced) girls’ folk choir, featuring a few of my pupils:

This is my 5th form pupil, Taras — so quiet and shy in class, but he has the most natural touch on the violin:

My 8th form pupil, Vika, and a boy playing a transcription of part of Prokofiev’s “Romeo & Juliet”:

(Jun, this one’s for you!) A young clarinet student playing Saint-Saens. Brought back memories of many clarinet recitals:


Adorable boys’ choir:

Teachers’ violin trio:

Teachers’ jazz band (fun!):

Vika from Ustya (a village in the district) — she’s fantastic, and only a middle-schooler:

Guitar ensemble:

Bayan (like the accordion) ensemble:

Christina, one of my 10th form pupils, singing nicely as always:

Wind orchestra:

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