Things Ukrainians Write: Traveling Fairy Tales

Last week in English club I had my adults write what I call “traveling stories”: each person starts with a piece of paper and begins writing a story — for this edition we began with the classic, “Once upon a time…” Every few minutes I would say, “Stop! Pass your papers,” and we’d pass our paper to the next person, who has to read the story and add to it. We passed the papers about seven times, which made for some pretty hilarious stories. After all the stories were read out loud, the stories were passed once more and that person had to come up with a title for the story.

Below, the results of our work. I have not corrected grammar, spelling, or syntax; you see these in their original, raw forms — some make sense, some don’t. I also participated in this activity and was really impressed at the adults’ creativity and sense of humor. Feel free to leave comments about the stories — which one is your favorite? Enjoy!

  • Basketboy (Jumper): “Once upon a time was a little boy. He had a dream — to become famous basketball player. He played like Mike Jordan, and jump so high that touch to basket. When he woke up he understood that it was a beautiful dream. THE END.”
  • Unlucky Kate: “Once upon a time in England live I met a beautifull girl. She’s name Kate. I was fall in love and have hope to married with my Kate. But she doesn’t love me. She was pregnant and was waiting a child from the other man. He was a rich and had a lot of money. My lovely Kate will never love me because she loves money very much. But the rich man would not marry Kate so she was left to raise her child alone. THE END.”
  • Happy Jumping Frogs: “Once upon a time near the deep green lake two ugly frogs were seating in the big stone. These frogs were named Flip and Flop. They are liked speak a diferent fool every time. One frog decided to jump. Another frog looked at the bank and said – Let’s go to the bank. The bank is very rich many money is this banks. The Flip and Flog are jump. I hope we will meet with our friends nearly future. THE END.”
  • A Funny Mix: “Once upon a time, there was a purple giant, who liked to eat blueberries (that’s why he was purple). This purple giant lived in a large, round house in the middle of a large blueberry field. He had a friend — another giant, but that giant was red, because he liked drink the blood. And they desided to do competition — if purple giant will win… The sun is shine and the sky is blue. Ukraine has a wonderfull nature. Many ukrainian people like to spend their time to nature with familly. It is national traditions. Welcome in Ukraine in June for soccer cup 2012. We will be happy. THE END.” 
  • A Dog’s Dream“Once upon a time lived an old dog. He had a dream — to became young again, to be small doggy, to return the time. My doggy very small and very bad, he bayt dol and cat, and people. My doggy like milk. This milk became magic for this creation and dog’s dream will be realise. THE END.”
  • The Story of Forest and Children: “Once upon a time I go to forest. In forest a see tree and fern. Birds trill on the branches and lay many eggs in the nests. Soon will be summer and their kinds be birth. In this family of birds was born two chickens. Where did these chickens come from? The mother and father birds were very confused that their babies were a different kind of bird. Then father-bird looked on mother-bird and say: ‘Darling, what’s a problem? Where is my children?’ And they lived very happy. 🙂 THE END.”
  • Union with Nature: “Once upon a time I went to the Black Sea there are many interesting places. I studied math and hoped to enter to the university. I was standing on the coast and looking on the bright blue sky. I thought about my life about my future study in university and decided that instead of finishing my studies, I would by a cake and decide to eat. Then I would sleep. Suddenly some power took my body in the sky. I was flyed like a bird in blue sky and I desided touch the sun, but my winds started to fire and I was owed and waked up. THE END.”
  • The Story of the Travelling in Oceans on Mushroom-Ship: “Once upon a time little boy was born in a small town on the cost of river. His father was seaman. Many times on a year he was going to the sea on his big beautiful mushroom-ship. This was a ship made out of many mushrooms, which was useful because if the boy got hungry he could just eat a part of his ship. He also has a salt and he liked to eat mushrooms with salt. One time salt finished and he took from sea water. The father smoking on river Prut, is…THE END.”

9 thoughts on “Things Ukrainians Write: Traveling Fairy Tales

  1. Elena R

    This is a really good idea! I like the Funny Mix (quite random) and The Forest and Children the best I think. But the mushroom ship is a creative thought too.

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