Summertime Classical Music

Iryna called me up on a hot Friday afternoon and invited me to a concert at the Sniatyn library. Not one to refuse such invitations, I accepted without really knowing what to expect beyond some kind of classical music.

I was in for a treat: 45 minutes of music played by two students of the L’viv National Music Academy.


Dima, on the violin, is from Sniatyn — actually the cousin of two of my pupils. Oleksandra accompanied him — and played some nice solo Chopin — on the piano. Other composers included Sibelius, Elgar, Vivaldi, John Williams, and Sarasate.

This was some of the best classical music I’ve heard in Ukraine. It made me miss live performances. I got some videos of Dima and Oleksandra, so I’ll let you judge for yourself:

A Chopin prelude:


Gorgeous Sibelius:


This just sounds a little silly transcribed for piano and violin, but fun nonetheless:


And a shout-out to the Americans with John Williams!


7 thoughts on “Summertime Classical Music

  1. Elena R says:

    We were lucky at Oberlin to have so much music around us all the time! I miss it, but I think there are lots of things like this that I just don’t take advantage of either. Glad you heard a good concert!

    • taplatt says:

      Oh man, I miss the Oberlin music scene, too! There isn’t much around here in the way of concerts, but after finishing Peace Corps I’ll certainly seek out as many (free) concerts as I can, wherever I am.

  2. jamescorps says:

    Oh wow! Definitely not something I see in the campo here in Dajabon! Seeing this makes me miss live performances of any kind of music as well. The closes I get is people playing awkward reggaeton or bachata songs on their cell phones. Good stuff….also yes “after finishing Peace Corps I’ll certainly seek out as many (free) concerts as I can, wherever I am.”

    • taplatt says:

      hahaha love your description of the “live music” you hear there. I hear plenty of techno cell-phone music from my pupils, as well. But it is nice to have a music school here.

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