News Roundup: Peace Corps- & Ukraine-Related

In case you haven’t been following Ukraine or the Peace Corps in the news recently, here are links to some interesting articles and humorous tidbits that are worth checking out.

Peace Corps

  • The EU is thinking about establishing / planning to establish a Peace Corps-like volunteer organization for humanitarian aid. I say power to them. Click HERE to read the full article.
  • The Global Health Service Partnership is a partnership with Peace Corps that its creator, Dr. Vanessa Kerry (daughter of Sen. John Kerry) calls “a Peace Corps for doctors and nurses.” Medical people, check it out and read more HERE. (Another perk: the GHSP will help pay off student loans.)
  • We PCVs joke about the amount of acronyms that Peace Corps has developed and regularly uses. Here’s a great short video made by some PCVs what looks like somewhere in Africa, using as many acronyms as possible.
  • And if you’re into gif tumblr blogs, here’s a pretty funny Peace Corps one.


Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “News Roundup: Peace Corps- & Ukraine-Related

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