What I Believe

Inspired by this post.

I believe in sunshine and rain. I believe in love. I believe in coffee and the health benefits — and pure joy — of exercise. I believe in silliness and laughing uncontrollably until your abs hurt. I believe in honesty and straightforwardness over passive-aggressiveness. I believe in doing what you love. I believe in reading whatever you want, no matter how highbrow or lowbrow it is. I believe in The Golden Rule: treat others as you’d like to be treated. I believe in good manners and holding the door for others. I believe in music — I believe in Beethoven. I believe in art’s ability to express human feelings and desires of all kinds — I believe in art’s ability to teach. I believe in education for all human beings. I believe in equal rights and freedom of choice for all people, regardless of race, class, religion, or sexual orientation. I believe in adventures. I believe in snail mail. I believe in the importance of human connection. I believe in healthy and delicious food. I believe in learning languages. I believe that travel opens our eyes and hearts to the world.

And so much more.

4 thoughts on “What I Believe

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