What We Feed Our Guests

roots, glorious roots

roots, glorious roots

Since it is our first year in London, many people have been eager to visit us. Over the past few months, we’ve enjoyed entertaining people from near and far for dinners, brunches, and everything in between. Here is a sampling of what we feed our guests when they come to call…

  • CMcG stopped by for dinner during a brief visit to London and was the guinea pig for this lemon and fennel chicken and my successful attempt at carrot cake, both of which he professed to enjoy.
  • H stayed with us for a few nights over two weekends, in between which she traveled around to play some soccer. We helped H fuel well before her soccer adventures with our lentil stew and green curry (you’ll see this one appear again and again; it’s so easy to make for large amounts of people). Upon H’s return, we celebrated with smitten kitchen lasagne and these amazing cookies:
Nessie recommends these cookies

Nessie highly recommends these cookies

  • The “Münster crew,” as I will call them, were here for a long weekend and as that made five of us, F and I stuck to simple dishes that we could make in large quantities. That meant green curry (see above), falafel and roasted root vegetables (these will pop up again, too). F also made Full English Breakfast one morning. The crew enjoyed my savory cookies and had fun trying to guess the secret ingredient (parmesan); the cocoa brownies also disappeared quickly.
  • On his way home from the U.K., S joined us for a nice dinner. He eats gluten-free, so we made the lemon and fennel chicken (see above) with yogurt panna cotta for dessert.
  • F’s mom visited us for a weekend at the beginning of May. She liked our green curry so much that she bought some green curry paste to take back to Germany. I made this lemony yogurt cake for her arrival, and she was also privy to my signature pancakes for Sunday brunch.
  • Three of F’s colleagues from Münster stayed with us for one night; we had decided to make it an easy dinner by preparing a bunch of small dishes — tapas-style, if you will. We served sweet-salty eggplant (which disappeared really fast), soy sweet potato pancakes, scallion biscuits + tomato salad + whipped goat cheese (so good), and more panna cotta.
  • My parents were here for about five days; we ate out or ordered in for a few meals, but F and I were also able cook a bit. I made falafel with root veggies and F made his simple and delicious tomato-spinach sauce with pasta (recipe forthcoming).
  • Our final visitors (for a while, at least) were F&B from Münster. They liked our roasted root vegetables, Grandma’s mac & cheese was a hit, and my signature pancakes (boosted with apple chunks and chocolate chips) were appreciated after a Saturday morning parkrun.

As you can see, we have some staple dishes that most of our guests have been / will be served: green curry, roasted root vegetables, falafel, roast chicken. And anyone who is lucky enough to be around on a Sunday morning will get to enjoy my signature pancakes. F and I enjoy cooking for guests and being able to share our favorite recipes with others.

one of our most popular signature dishes

one of our most popular signature dishes

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