Contributing Travel Tidbits to Other Websites

In case you haven’t checked out my Online Published Material page recently, here’s an update on my contributions to sites other than my own blog:

  • I’m still writing for For a time, I posted weekly recipes on the Facebook page. Currently on the Facebook page, I’m contributing a “London Facts” series; each Monday, I offer a photo of one place in London along with a short blurb about said place. New content will also appear shortly on the website, which has recently been re-designed.
  • Just this week, I stumbled across a great blog, Two Hundred Word Travel, which carries the sub-heading “Travelling two hundred words at a time.” The blog’s owner, Kirsty, is recruiting writers to contribute 200-word vignettes of any and every place in the world, from iconic cities to that tiny market no one’s ever heard of. Naturally, I was interested and contacted Kirsty; my first post, on wonderful Woods Hole, MA, went up today! I’ll be writing more for the blog on Ukraine and beyond.

In order to keep up with my travel tidbits, you can “like” EntertainingYourself on Facebook, add Two Hundred Word Travel to your RSS feed, and/or regularly check out my Online Published Material page.

Thanks for reading!

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