Race Recap: Victoria Park Open 5

After the Fred Hughes 10 in January, my knee/hip flared up with an injury that I’ve been rehabbing ever since. That means I haven’t run over 10 miles/week in about three months — at least I’ve been able to cycle, swim, and strength train — but I’d registered for the Victoria Park Open 5 on 19 April and by gosh I was going to run it!

The day was partly cloudy, a bit breezy, and a cool-but-perfect-once-running low 50s F. It’s always a pleasure to take part in a  race that is well-organized and efficiently run. Many Heathsiders had just run the London Marathon but despite that we had a decent club turnout:

photo by Brian B.

pre-race photo by Brian B.

The course was two figure-eight laps of east London’s wonderfully flat Victoria Park. My goal was to finish the race with little to no knee pain — I hadn’t run more than about 4.5 miles at a time since January, so my expectations were low in terms of time and I mainly hoped to get around pain-free.

Probably because of my low expectations, I felt relaxed at the start and ran a comfortable first mile in 7:10. My second mile was a little slower, however, and around 16:00 my knee started to hurt. I worried that I’d have to drop out as it was less than halfway through the race, but I eased off and hoped the pain would recede, as it sometimes does. Around mile 3 (which I went through in 22:25) the pain did go away. I ran the fourth mile in ~7:45 but my knee felt okay by then so I picked it up for the last mile, which ended up being just under a 7:00 mile and brought me into the finish at 37:00 (7:24/mi pace), 131st/192 and 17th/56 woman. Our women’s team of Caroline, me, and Barbara came second, and our men’s team came third. Great job, everyone!

I’m pleased with my race, which was only 1:15 off my PR/PB despite my low running volume. Now back to the rehab exercises and track workouts so I can run a good Crouch End 10k next month!


10 thoughts on “Race Recap: Victoria Park Open 5

    1. taplatt Post author

      Thanks! I also really enjoy the 8k/5mi distance — more time than a 5k to get into a rhythm, not as painfully long as a 10k…

  1. dzawacki

    Good to hear your knee is getting better. Knee/hip/leg/whatever pains are the worst when running.

    1. taplatt Post author

      It’s true, Danny. Slowly by slowly it’s improving, but I do get tired of doing physical therapy exercises…

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