Ukraine Now

Sasha was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine at the same time I was. She also lived in western Ukraine and recently went back to visit. In this post, she offers some thoughts and observations on how things have changed due to the recent (and ongoing) political upheaval.


And now for some less reflective, more pertinent thoughts on my recent trip to Ukraine (if you want the reflection and emotion, check out this recent post ):

Several of you have expressed interest in knowing what it was like to be in Ukraine during this critical time in her history. Thus, below (nicely organized in bolded headings so you can skip to what interests you) are my impressions on the political situation unfolding in Ukraine. Before skipping ahead though, a couple of prefaces: 1) I was in Western Ukraine (not in the East, not in Kyiv, not in Crimea), and 2) the part of Ukraine I recently revisited has always been very patriotic and European/westward looking.

Finally, if you have any specific questions, post them below, and I’ll be happy to answer them, or to find an answer for us both!

Initial thoughts on how it felt to be in Ukraine:


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