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Recipe: Four-Ingredient Lemon Pudding

A few weeks ago we had a fun board game night over at Charlotte and Thomas’s. Pre-game dessert (we needed our strength for five hours of Dominant Species!) consisted of delicious lemon puddings with crushed ginger nuts (aka ginger snaps). Charlotte gave me the recipe, and I had the opportunity to make these tasty little puddings last week. S&T arrived from Rochester for two weeks of research in London, and we fed them dinner on their first night here, finishing with the puddings. T, who is Russian, said they reminded her of her childhood. The secret? Sweetened condensed milk, which T said was one of the only occasional sweet treats that she got growing up in Soviet Russia.

just add crushed ginger nuts on top

just add crushed ginger nuts on top — or eat them plain

In sum: these puddings have four ingredients, take 5-10 minutes to whip up, require no baking, and are absolutely delicious. Tangy lemon meets sweetened condensed milk: what’s not to love? Thanks to Charlotte for the recipe! I’ll definitely make them again and again.

What’s your favorite easy spring dessert? Let me know in the comments, and feel free to leave a link to your recipe.

Four-Ingredient Lemon Pudding (adapted from Charlotte’s recipe; serves 7-8 — cut recipe in half for less)


  • 794g (2 cans) sweetened condensed milk (sometimes just labeled “condensed milk”)
  • 300mL double cream
  • zest of 4 lemons
  • juice of 4-5 lemons (200-300mL)
  • 20 ginger nuts (ginger snaps), crushed


  • In a large bowl, whisk the condensed milk and cream together until smooth.
  • Add the lemon juice and zest, whisking until thickened and smooth.
  • Spoon the pudding into pots/glasses, then cover and refrigerate them until the pudding is set, 2-3 hours or longer.
  • Before serving, add some crushed ginger nuts/snaps to the top of each pudding.